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Sentence Completion 주요 4가지 유형


ISEE Verbal Reasoning Sentence Completion


Sentence Completion 문제 주 4가지 유형

Sentence Completion 문제는 크게 4가지 유형으로 나누어 진다:
1) 대조   
2) 원인과 결과   
3) 정의   
4) 예시

다음에서 각 유형별 특징을 간략하게 정리해 보고, 예시 문제를 살펴보자.


1. 대조

    • The words that can indicate contrast:

      • but, although, however, rather, even though, once, instead of, despite



Skeptical farmers predicted that George Washington Carver’s experiments with soil improvement would fail, but Carver himself remained -------.

  1.   amazed

  2.   indifferent

  3.   optimistic

  4.   suspicious

힌트> “Skeptical”, “fail”, “but”   
정답> (C)



Although once ------- in Africa, cheetah populations have been greatly reduced due to hunting, loss of habitat, and decline of the cheetah’s prey.

  1. attractive

  2. threatened

  3. unknown

  4. widespread

힌트> “Although”, “once”, “have been reduced”   
정답> (D)


2.  원인과 결과

    • The words that indicate contrast

      • because, since, therefore, thus, hence, accordingly, so, when, after, as

    • There might be no particular word that indicates cause and effect.


Since the student looked puzzled, their teacher -------.

  1. faces became quite cold

  2. classmates began to arrive

  3. friend gave them a present

  4. teacher repeated the directions

힌트> “Since”, “puzzle” ---> what can you do when your students look confused?
정답> (D)


3.  정의

    • The word in the blank is almost directly explained in the sentence.



As the excitement of the holiday festivities began to -------, the children became calmer and more focused on their schoolwork.

  1. flourish

  2. peak

  3. resume

  4. subside

힌트> “excitement”, “calmer” ---> which word means to become calmer?
정답> (D)


4.  예시

    • The word in the blank is indirectly explained or examples of the blank word are given.

    • The words that indicate examples:

      • for example, for instance, such as



To reach maturity, a seagoing loggerhead turtle must survive many -------, such as attacks by gulls and hungry fish.

  1. allies

  2. destinations

  3. hazards

  4. voyages

힌트> “such as”, “attacks by gulls and hungry fish”
정답> (C)



* 문제 출처:  ERB ISEE Practice Test