We are a group of educators who believe that students can learn their best when given the right level of intellectual stimuli that trigger their inner curiosity and inquisitive mind. By creating a more personal experience for each student, we’ve seen just how successful our approach is. Sincerity goes a long way in our minds, especially when it comes to helping students connect their academic practices to real world applications. We believe that, in order for students to maximize their potential, students must receive detailed guidance based on precise and accurate diagnoses of their learning capabilities.

Each member of the Inquisitive Mind team currently holds either degree at the Doctorate’s level or the Master’s level, all throughout various educational fields. Each of us maintains a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in our respective fields and areas of specializations, which is something that we see as imperative for the work we do here at Inquisitive Mind.

More importantly, we all believe in the fundamental philosophy that, by providing sincere care to our students, we can help them fully maximize their learning potential by carefully nurturing their innate temperament and individual characteristics.

As we continue to provide high quality educational services throughout the greater Los Angeles area, Inquisitive Mind will continue to grow and gain an even greater ability to further enhance our services and the academic support to our students.