"After every session, your child's progress and attitude are meticulously informed with the future plans. Jennifer Teacher understands the child's temperament and aptitude more than any other teacher I have ever met. I was surprised by the delicacy of her approach in changing the workbook or a topic when the child seems to lose interest. The most important thing is, of course, grades!  My child's grade got much improved right before my eyes. She gained confidence in math and now is the top student in math in the class. Every day, I talk with my husband that we are so lucky that we have met Jennifer Teacher."

- Amber's Mom



"Teacher Jennifer's intensive test prep program was very helpful. We took the course before the CAASPP test, and Soo got the top scores both in English and Math. Compared to the last-year scores, which was good but not great, we were very surprised!  Jennifer Teacher grasps students' personality and the academic level very well and gives extra care to students' grade and study attitude. She has great compassion and the strong philosophy on students' life-long learning process. I couldn't expect more."

- Soo's Mom



"We've tried many different afterschool programs before, but Jennifer Teacher is truly amazing! The amount of preparation she puts in for each class was beyond expectation. When we asked her to help Audrey prepare for the test, she made a detailed study plan and followed through it. She also found Audrey's strengths and weaknesses and gave intensive practice on the weaker area. Audrey's grade got improved pretty quickly!

- Aubrey's Mom



"All these methods and ways of learning has helped me get to the point where I am now, which is far from where I started off from 2 years ago. Jennifer Teacher has helped my vocabulary level from 1 to beyond 1 which was all thanks to her. Jennifer Teacher starts from one word then expands to many more related words. When I first took a practice test, I got 20%, later on from the help of Jennifer Teacher, I got a 100% on the test!"

- Oliver (Student)