Many parents do not want to raise their child being obsessed to an entrance examination. However, completely ignoring the existing educational system and letting their kids meaninglessly play all day long also make them uneasy. Is there a happy medium?

While we don’t want our children to live a miserable life spending all day preparing for tests, we inevitably come to the conclusion that admission to a top school might be the doorway to a good life, in a good environment, surrounded by good people. Faced with fierce competition in the current educational system and not knowing what exactly to do, we often discover ourselves being dragged along by it. In the end, we send our child to afterschool programs, get extra tutoring and have them do extracurricular activities just like other kids, so that they don't fall behind.

If you know that your child will do just fine in the future, you will be able to parent them with ease and confidence. What you can do now is to help your child to have a sense of reality and solid confidence in fulfilling his/her duties as a student. This can be achieved by providing an experience of meaningful learning and deep engagement, rather than exhausting their energy and burning them out at a young age through forced study. These small successes in everyday life accumulate and the improvement in school grades will naturally follow as they truly enjoy the learning process.

Inquisitive Mind is a boutique educational service that was established with this philosophy. Our aim is to accurately understand the temperament and characteristics of students and their ability to learn, and to provide the best possible education, helping them experience meaningful learning.