Curiosity is a little spark that leads life to a fun, unexpected learning path. Curiosity has always been a big part of my life and I've always enjoyed learning: whether it was science subjects at school, social dynamics at work, or even very intricate human relationships through life. Thanks to that, my life has been full of small discoveries and learning processes, which helped constantly remind me of the joy of learning. 

I am currently teaching. After getting a PhD in science, I started my career working at tech startups in SoCal and Silicon Valley. However, having my own child dramatically changed my perspective on life. Although I still love state-of-the-art technologies and the excitement start-ups bring to the world, I started realizing the impact of education on a child's life and how valuable that is. 

I was fascinated to watch how kids interact with their environment. They observe, exploit and learn. They do their own little experiments to learn causes and effects. Kids act just like scientists to gather information and learn their surroundings. It taught me one very clear thing; all kids are born with inquisitive minds! And we, adults, are responsible for providing the right environment to nurture them. Realizing how valuable that is, I decided to teach students and put my time and efforts in the educational field.  

This website was created with the idea of sharing valuable resources and thoughts on learning. Whether it is a kids' school subject or an adults' life learning process, we all learn throughout our lives. So the "learning" in this website is in its broadest sense possible. While many people tend to forget their inquisitive minds growing up, we all still have them inside of us. I hope this website brings back small embers of the inquisitive mind in you.